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Best Samsung Gear VR Games

This has been a great year for Samsung VR games and Samsung VR gear is in full swing to make the most of this year. VR gears have been on a roll as all the big fish in the tech industry have fully prepared themselves for the VR gaming industry. New Oculus Rift, the steam VR powered HTC Vive, and the PlayStation VR have taken the gaming experience to a whole new level. Everyone wants to try VR gaming but not everyone has the financial freedom to afford an expensive VR headset. If you want to try a VR gaming experience without having to invest too much, the best thing for you is the Samsung Gear VR that has some of the best VR games out now!


One of the most exciting and thrilling games for the Samsung VR is Hitman GO VR Edition. The perfect mix of thrill and stealth gameplay, Hitman GO captures what makes the Hitman games so great and then brings it to mobile – in VR. The central idea has been kept same, finding the most ideal route accomplish the mission while hiding to the finish level.

Hitman GO has the same traditional plastic graphics look, and it will make you feel like you are playing on a real surface. Hitman Go was extraordinary and makes the VR a smart more. The mobile version of the videogame is available to purchase for $7.99 USD/£5.99 GBP, while the desktop edition is priced at $9.99/£7.99


One of the most extraordinary games for VR is this one. It is a science fiction shooting game. It is a blessing in VR gaming that gives you excellent opening grouping, the explosion of a starships, the heat and aggression of the game will make you feel every moment of the game. Each and every aspect of the game is an excellent treat for the user. Both head and pad can be used in favor of the Gear for an excellent VR gaming experience. The main test in the game will be the timing of reloading and using the weapons. You can get the game today for US$9.99.

Minecraft Gear VR

Minecraft VR is one of the best titles out on the Gear VR you can currently get your hands on. The Gear VR Edition is a lot like the mobile Pocket Edition. Minecraft VR brings a fair share of the PC version of Minecraft to the Gear VR just making the experience a lot more immersive and enjoyable to play. You haven’t truly enjoyed Minecraft until you’ve slain bad guys from the underworld through your own hands – or at least seen yourself do it with your own eyes.

Minecraft VR lets you play in the same two modes as the mobile version does which are survival and creative modes. Naturally playing games in VR can cause nausea for some people which is why it was a good idea for the developers to add a new feature to the game which lets you play the game inside n a TV inside a pixelated lodge! In either case, Minecraft VR is a must have for every gear VR owner. You can get it on the Oculus Store for $6.99.


Manchester looks a lot like a 16-bit arcade game, which is what makes it so addictive in VR. Manchester requires you to race to the finish line on courses fixed with different opponents and traps, while making use of easy to use controls. You tap to change from one multi-colored path to the other, each of which increases or decrease the speed depending on the color of the lane. While playing using your Gear VR headset you can use the Gear’s 360 abilities, which allows you to log sideways and help guide your rider to the finish line without crashing. The art is in the planning — you should always change paths to dodge from approaching obstacles. Either way, chances are you’ll crash a lot! So have fun, you can get it free from the official Oculus store.

Drop Dead

See and tap shooting games on Gear VR look very basic and almost all follow the same formula. The development is pretty basic whereas the gameplay is instinctive which allows the developers to add heaps of top notch visuals without worrying a lot about how you’ll be looking or moving around the environment. Playing the game in a confined room using a touchpad while moving around and tapping on zombies to kill them can more fun than you can imagine.

On the same note, Drop Dead is a firmly outlined, fun, graphically amazing, dance through a zombie-exterminating adventure. It doesn’t bring a lot of new elements to the table, however it feels like an amazing throwback to the House of the Dead. If you were ever a fan of the House of the Dead series then this game is definitely worth checking out. You can get Drop Dead on Gear VR through the Oculus Home store for $9.99.

End Space

There are quite a few space shooters out on the Gear VR but End Space manages to find ground in an oversaturated VR gaming genre. End Space feels more like an AAA game space shooter where you pilot through the vastness of space – slaying foes in the process. End Space has a slower-pace, bigger environments, and more organized objectives when compared to other space shooters which is a major reason why it’s one of the best Gear VR games.

Devotees of science fiction games and space shooters in specific should definitely have End Space in their game library since it has almost everything that could possibly be needed in a space shooter – content to keep you occupied, with an awesome world and phenomenal single player missions. You can get End Space on Gear VR through the Oculus Home store for $7.99.

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