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Best Google Daydream Games

For many people, Daydream View is more than Google’s take on VR. It’s the first VR headset for a lot of Pixel owners, and that means there’s plenty of room to explore and have some fun. It also means there are a lot of apps in the Play Store asking for some money from you without a whole lot of assurance that the game will be worth the cash.

While there’s plenty of fun to be had with the free apps available for Daydream, some of the other experiences are on an entirely different level. Here’s where you need to start if you’re looking for quality games for Daydream.

Hunter’s Gate

If yoyu’re a fan on dungeon crawlers, you’ll like Hunter’s Gate. Choose between the hunter or the sorcerer, and take down hordes of evil creatures as you run through a series of maze-like levels from a unique, almost 2.5D perspective. Your Daydream Controller gives you control of a set of crosshairs you can use to guide your character’s fire, and as you complete levels you can enhance your character to better handle the next wave of baddies.

The best part of this game is the potential for multiplayer raids. This game is being updated on a weekly basis with new content, and all of it is aimed squarely at giving you a greater challenge and encouraging you to play with friends.

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The Arcslinger

As the squire to one of the greatest warrior heroes in the land, you’ve got a pretty sweet gig. That is, until he dies through totally no fault of your own and it’s up to you to save the town from bandits and monsters! Take up arms with your Daydream Controller as your trusty pistol and learn about Arc magic as you shoot your way through an amusing storyline filled with weird and wonderful characters!

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Danger Goat

The premise of this game is silly but simple. Navigate your goat through a 3D maze so that it might enjoy some tasty flowers along the way. If you fail to overcome obstacles along the way, which mostly happens by tilting thge world with your Daydream Controller, your goat will be blasted into space by a rogue rocket.

The unique level layout and fully spatial controller functionality make this puzzle games infinitely more complex and enjoyable than it may look at first glance. Danger Goat is perfect game for Daydream, and should absolutley be a part of your library.

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

There’s a bomb in front of you, and you need to disarm it before the timer goes off. One problem though — you have no idea how to disarm a bomb and one wrong move will end it all. You’re going to need help with this one, and the only way you’re going to get that help is by talking to someone with the manual to all of the explosives. This is a co-op party game, and usually works best if someone prints out the explosives manual, but if you’re looking for a fun party game this is absolutely something you need to have in your library!

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Gunjack 2: End of Shift

Few game developers have taken over the VR world like CCP Games with their Eve universe. The latest, Gunjack 2: End of Shift, brings the space shooting adventures exclusively to Daydream. Look around in the headset to find enemy drones, point your massive side cannons with your Daydream Controller, and work with your fellow Gunjacks to keep your ship safe from wave after wave of attacks.

This is an intense shooter that keeps you on the edge of your seat through the whole game. It is without a doubt one of the best games you can get on Daydream today.

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Evil Robot Traffic Jam

This is a clever take on Tower Defense gaming, done well in VR. Evil Robot Traffic Jam puts you in control of a robot arsenal bent on destroying all of the vehicles trying to pass through your turf. Drop turrets, score power-ups, and be prepared to rain down fire on anything trying to slide past you.

Evil Robot Traffic Jam has a fair bit of challenge to it, but it otherwise a great game for all ages.

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Hello Mars

While not exactly a game, giving anyone a tool to explore the stars and learn more about the cosmos is a lot of fun. In VR, this space exploration app gives you a guided tour of NASA’s experiences on Mars. You can observe from orbit, descend to the ground through the “seven minutes of terror” and take a look at some incredible scenes captured from the surface.

Even if all you do is stare in wonder for a few minutes, this is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for every age.

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Need for Speed: No Limits VR

Racing in VR is a little weird because you’re using the small Daydream controller for steering and drifting, but Need for Speed: No Limits VR makes this experience great. This game places you in an underground racing adventure where you need to avoid the police and complete races to increase your cashflow. Use that cash to buy better cars and upgrade them as you see fit, until you are without a doubt the best racer out there.

This is a fantastic game for feeling like you are right in the drivers seat.

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Arm yourself with your favorite spells, and journey into the catacombs for a one on one dual against fellow sorcerers! This is one of few Daydream games focused directly on competitive multiplayer, and it works so well in this game. Your strategies and how quickly you cat switch between spells with your Daydream controller will determine who wins. All you have to do is make sure that wizard is you!

Visually this game is a lot of fun, and once you’re able to try out the spells that work well for you this will quickly become something that keeps your in VR for quite a while.

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